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We started brewing our first batch of homebrew together in august 2017. It was an IPA, and it was very solid, and on par with the beers we were serving and selling in our regular jobs. That same recipe underwent several changes over the seven times we focused on that particular recipe. The last three we're indistinguishable and it ended up as Haze of the Rising Sun, our very first beer. 

While we're still in the early stages of building our port folio, we will always strive to do better. Better than what we did yesterday, and better than our fellow brewers. We’re here because it’s so much fun, and because “Good Beer is Good”



from the inside

from the outside

Stovt Bryggerilog



The Beers

What we’ve made so far - and in some cases, where to find it…

haze of the rising sun.png

Haze of the rising sun - 5.2%

After seven test brews, our first beer ended up being a hazy IPA, double dry hopped with Citra. Slightly dry finish, to be a true thirst quencher.

ratebeer or untappd

The second beer

Let’s be honest, it’ll probably end up being another IPA - we do have a favorite style, Why hide it.?

Rockin’ Rythm Rooibos

Our hoppy Red Ale, infused with Rooibos tea. A beautiful blend of African herbs and Amarillo hops.


The kaspers

Nulla eu pretium massa. Sed a ligula quis sapien lacinia egestas. Suspendisse nec congue purus.


Casper Christensen

Made of 100% pure muscle and sunrays, Casper likes to boogie and drink Gueuze on hot summer nights.


Kasper Wendelboe

Probably the first to fall asleep and the last one to cut his beard. Slightly obsessed with hops.


Kasper Krogager

Usually goes by the name 'Number Three' or 'Baby Daddy'. The mastermind behind the sexy red ale.


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