Kasper Wendelboe

I’ve been falling down the rabbit hole since late 2011, when I started my first beer blog. It was mostly for fun and documentation, but it seems like I keep falling deeper in. After taking a part time bar job in Malmö, Sweden, I quickly became a full time employee and I now work as a beertender at Banksia in Copenhagen, where I also live with my American wife.

My taste in beer is diverse, whether it’s hoppy, dark, barrel aged, sour, funky or old. I drink as I travel; with a  passion! I started this project to share my travels in the name of beer, while also trying to study for the Certified Cicerone title.

On a rare occasion when I’m not drinking beer, reading about beer, brewing beer, or writing about beer, I will probably either be busy listening to Icelandic progrock, searching for street-art, watching the next superhero movie or taking care of the apartment I own with my wife.